Challenge with my Purpose

Awesome month. I defined (and refine daily) my purpose. It was 3 sentences to begin with (even though you gave us more specific directions….) and after a week I “got” it. I was making it to specific to one area of my life and not global. The work really does matter! It’s taken 3-4 months but I’m now getting much better at doing the work and not just consuming. I am so grateful to you, your organization and coaches.

An odd Thought Model came up today. It came out of the blue and feels a bit over the top and dramatic, but I decided that was important and to go with it. I’m not comfortable with it – I feel it’s not specific enough or maybe there is more to it to dive into but can’t see it. Here it is:

C – I am an example, and inspiration and a mentor
T – But who would want to be me?
F – Terrible about who I am
A – ….Not sure
R – No confidence, no progress

C- same
T – People are allowed to think whatever they want
F – Proud of my progress
A – More positive actions and personal strength
R – Happier and confident and better positioned to be that inspiration and mentor

Your guidance is requested! Thank you so much, Kris