Challenge with time-management being self-employed working at home with young baby

My daughter is 6 months and I (the dad) am working at home and building my business (while also working part-time in a regular job).
I started doing “Monday hour one” to plan my week ahead, which works in general (improvements needed but I’m optimistic). I also estimated that in the morning, I will need to take care of my daughter for a certain time since this happens most days, while my wife still needs to regain some sleep from the night.

what’s challenging is other times during the day, when my wife would like to have support. when I speak with potential new clients, this is no issue. However, at other times, I feel like I should support and this often leads to a loss in productivity when I actually planned a certain task. And since I work a lot and she feels alone, I don’t really dare to say no.

Do you have an idea how to deal with this? Thanks