Challenge with toddler

My toddler has trouble sleeping, needs a lot of support from me, and also is an extremely picky eater.

Some of it goes back to medical history, some of it is habitual and temperamental.

Last week he has been very sick and I am noticing my resources drying out and becoming extremely resentful and angry towards him.

I sometimes feel I am doing a bad job looking after him. Why doesn’t he learn? Why is he so different from other friends’ babies? Why does he have so many issues?

I also feel I am sacrificing awesome career opportunities for him (even though I love to be with him and want to be there for him). I tend to snap at him when he throws food on the floor and requires a lot of sleep support.

I also have feelings of hopelessness. I feel like I try everything but nothing seems to be working.

How do I go about removing the resentment, anger, hopelessness and move towards the future? Deep down I genuinely love him and want to be there for him in his best and worst times.