chameleon to my environment

I have been in scholars for a couple of months now, and I am starting to become more self aware. I am realizing that in social situations I become a “chameleon” (is what I wrote in a thought download). Even if I don’t necessarily agree with what someone is saying, I will agree and not ask questions to avoid any sort of back and forth. Part of me thinks that is being aware of and understanding who I am talking to, and how it could trigger them if I don’t just agree. But the other part of me thinks I shouldn’t care that it could upset them if I don’t agree because that is on them.
Is this one of those situations where I just pick the thought I think serves me most? I believe I am a very socially aware person and can sense peoples moods / tones very easily, which has made me change my tone and “become a chameleon” to my environment. I used to pride myself on this by saying I can get along with everybody and adapt well to my environment. (Does that mean the same thing?) Now I am thinking this is stopping me from voicing my own opinions and I actually don’t like that I do this.

Does this seem like I am adapting to my environment, or have little self confidence to voice my own opinion / disagree?