Change Career Because of Coronavirus

I am a screenwriter and currently am building my portfolio of body of work.
I am unemployed for the past five years as I’ve been studying the craft and overcoming anxiety of writing, and well, writing.

With so many productions been canceled (this is a Circumstance, you can read about it everywhere), movies canceled, movie theaters close, Broadway shut down, and economy going downhill because everyone is getting fired, it made me rethink if I should continue with my projects or change the direction of my career entirely and aim to serve some future need that people will have after this is all over.

People mention that people will gain weight, want to divorce their spouses, and need new career direction, or even need to get back to being toned and in shape, so these might be some areas where there’s a prediction to earn money.
At the moment, I don’t feel like working in any of these areas, but they seem easier to pursue perhaps, much more than screenwriting. Or at least that’s what my brain says.

Would love your help with what’s going on for me.