Change circumstance or thought?

I was hired for a position about a year ago. Now many months in, it fees like it is not a good fit. There are many skills that I don’t have to be successful at this job. I try to remain “neutral” and say that I just have to figure it out and learn those skills, meanwhile I don’t have them and struggle through projects. My analogy is that I was trained as a basketball player but the job is for baseball (I just watched the Michael Jordan document, hence the analogy!). They hired me because I am a good athlete- which I am -but when they put me in the game, I’m not ready yet and don’t perform up to the same level as the other players. I can stay and try to learn “baseball” but meanwhile, I “fail” while trying.

My question where I need coaching is: do I change my thoughts and focus on becoming great at “baseball”? Or do I find a basketball game (in my analogy)? According to what I’ve learned in SCS, I should focus on my thoughts but it does not feel good to fail everyday. As an employer, wouldn’t you want to let go of a person like that and find someone who was more qualified? As an employee, wouldn’t you want to work where you could truly add value?