Change isn’t just ‘hard’?

Twice in the past week I have been punched in the face. No, not literally, but by something you’ve written. I’m a little behind on my reading/homework (I know, I know!… reasons) but, last week I finally started getting around to reading the Stop Overeating Workshop. (I really think it’s been sitting on my desk for so long because I wasn’t ready to hear what it had to say yet) I was pretty much just skimming it when I came across this.”The misery we feel when we stop overeating is PART OF THE PROCESS and the reason we are overeating int he first place”

I was dumbfounded! I mean.. wait… I’m supposed to feel misery during this process?! Seriously people what diet book have you ever read that tells you, yeah, you’re going to feel like shit, it means you’re doing it right. I felt like this bridge between all the ‘how to lose weight’ information that was in my head and how to lose weight in the real world had been built. I felt hope for the first time in YEARS!! So, I started baby stepping into a new protocol, looking for the misery, laughing at it cause it meant I was doing something right and moving on.
Then today.. today it happened again! I was reading through the “Believing New Things” I see, “When you change a belief it goes against comfort. As you think differently, your brain will resist with dissonance, and cause you to feel dread and anxiety. This means you are doing it right…” “…This requires us to move TOWARDS discomfort, on purpose, in order to evolve into the next best version of ourselves”

I nearly fell out of my chair. I mean, am I the only one who thought that while making positive change might be hard, it would always ‘feel good’. This is why when I stop feeling good about something I used to give up. I never thought that it might be discomfortable and I might even feel dread. I can’t even put into words what a shift this is for me. A shift in a really really good way!

So, I writing this to say thank you. Thank you for adding more arrows to my quiver – I will slay the feast beast that keeps me from living in my ideal body. I can hear him roaring in terror already.