Change jobs vs. commit

Hi Brooke,

Last year I wanted to leave my job for a number of reasons. I listened to your pod casts and applied the model, and made sure that when I left I still appreciated and liked the job that I was doing first. I made sure that I was doing the best that I could in that job and that I wasn’t leaving to escape a bad situation, but that I was leaving from a positive place.

At the time I was considering leaving, I was imagining what I wanted to do instead and I came up with a job that was more suited to some of my strengths and interests. I also toyed around with the idea of starting my own business if I couldn’t find a company that met my criteria, but I preferred in an established office. Long story short, I looked for a few months and applied to a some places but nothing panned out, so in October, I decided to leave and start my own business.

I have been so happy with my decision and have had some great momentum and early success. I am on track to meet my goals. However, last week, when I was responding to someone who messaged me on LinkedIn, a post came across my feed from one of the companies that I was extremely interested in last year. I absolutely love its mission and the position that they are looking to fill seems perfect. I sent in my resume last week and they immediately asked for an interview, and I’m so excited about it.

My question is, to use your words ;), am I “ass-grabbing”? I really, really want to pursue this new possibility and like my reasons, but I hear you saying in the back of your mind that I should commit to my prior decision (of starting a business). As I said, I’ve been happy with the business, was not looking to make a change and have been successful at it; but when this other job came across my feed, I started to imagine something better. To use an analogy, I feel like I may have “settled” and “married” the “wrong person” and now want to explore something else, though I guess that is a thought.

But can’t I choose the thought “I can change my mind too”? When it is okay to re-calibrate and change one’s mind vs. commit?

THANK YOU, and sorry so long!