Change my impossible goal for 2020? Or add another goal? Interior design & painting

I’ve always had two great passions; painting and interior design. Though my profession is journalist. Every now and then an opportunity arises for me to design an interior. Mostly in hospitality; restaurant, a hotel etc.

‘But’ my impossible goal for this year is selling 25 paintings. Indeed it seems impossible. I didn’t choose anything linked with interior design. But only during these few weeks in 2020 I’ve been approached to advise in a hotel project 2 times. I love this, but don’t see how to combine everything. Meaning; Having my family life, painting hours, traveling abroad for the hotel project.

I hear a voice in my head, a thought that comes up now and then. Every day in fact. That says; “Change the goal for one in the interior design business”. I know I’ll love it, I know it will be hard as well. I know I’ve to work on my thoughts, one of them is “I don’t have papers for being an interior designer”. So the challenge might be the same. But another thought is: “You’ve chosen your goal and so stick to it”.

I made a model:

C. asked for interior design project
T. this is great, but it’s abroad and take a lot of time from painting
F. Doubt
A. Thinking over and over what to do, not making a decision,
R. Don’t spend time on any project

T. I’m figuring out how to do both, my 2020 goal and these projects
F. Energized
A. Ask many questions to see what they want/expect, how I can provide it, ask for timeline, plan painting, see if selling my paintings (impossible goal) can be part of interior design project, get clarity
R. Have all info I need to make the best decision and go

Thank you for any feedback!