Change or feel?

I’ve only been at this a short time and anxiously awaiting the calendar change to Sept 1 when my first month of SCS begins! I’m not yet grasping when we should change the thought (which I can sometimes do quite quickly & easily, SO FUN) or just feel the feeling (then change the thought?). Example: my 14 yr old son has been reminded 4 times to do something and this morning I find that he still hasn’t done it.
C–He didn’t do it.
T–I’m so tired of reminding him
***I stop***
noticed i’m feeling irritated, so before I acted, I…
T–he will have to feel a consequence for not taking responsibility
F–calm (can talk to him in a non-irritated tone of voice)
A–ask him to turn over his phone to me for the remainder of the day, remind him that he is responsible for remembering important things that have to be done.

Sooo…it seems like a positive outcome and I feel fine and in fact good about my response to him. Now my new thought is: Am I doing this right? LOL. I’m not supposed to wallow in feeling irritated am I? Can you clarify when to flip to a more positive thought and when to feel the feeling first?