change story about self care and illness

I’m not really sure what new story to tell myself about my past here. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease a few months ago and have had reduced energy and some physical pain from it. I spent many years not sleeping as much as my body seems to require for optimal function along with not exercising very regularly, eating a mix of nourishing foods and a lot of high sugar, processed foods, and being stressed.

current story:  I spent so many years not sleeping enough, being stressed and eating a lot of junk while going through medical school and residency, and now I’m sick because of it.

Facts: I have an autoimmune disease.  Genetics, lack of sleep, stress and diet have been shown to be risk factors.  We do not fully understand why some people get it and others don’t.

new story I want to tell myself? : I sacrificed a lot to get through medical training, helped a lot of people and learned a great deal about what I am capable of. And then I learned that my stress comes primarily from my thoughts and that my thoughts have contributed significantly to lack of sleep.  My autoimmune disease has taught me how important self care is so that I can grow in this area, and it gives me signals as to what fuels my body and what detracts.