Change T or Change C?

Hi Brooke –

Understanding that all my feelings are from my thoughts (LOL – my computer changed ‘thoughts’ to ‘thighs’) and not circumstances is life changing.

How do you decide when to change your C rather than your T? Only from a good space/positive feelings?

My hunch is that I should write all the models down and see the results … then choose.

I work with a lot of clients who want to change their C (their career) and not their T (I hate my job). I know both are options – how to tell which is best/truer? I think you can’t make a really good decision when you are stuck in negative emotion so I always focus on the T line first … not changing the C.

Do you ever just change the C and not the T? Like your move to Texas – that was changing the C. Did you just make sure it was coming from a bunch of positive Ts?