Change the T or change the A or both?

Hi. When I do a model, at times I wonder if it’s appropriate to change the T, and only the T, or whether to change the A, or whether to change both. My example:
C: Daily schedule
T: My life is a big to-do list. There isn’t enough time for fun and rest in my life.
F: Resentful. Stressed.
A: Try to get everything done on the schedule, but feel stressed whilst working and completing tasks.
R: Don’t enjoy the work/task completion. Feel a lot of pressure. This carries over into my free time – I don’t enjoy it as much because I think there isn’t enough of it.

Question: Do I just change the thought to ‘There is enough time for fun and rest. Or do I modify my schedule to include more fun and rest time?’ (I currently have about 1 hour of fun and rest time per day).