How to change my “wanting to change”?

Hi Brooke,
so glad I’m here – scs is SO amazing! I really am blown away!
I have a question I cannot find a solution to myself: After having worked on myself/my thoughts/my eating patterns for quite a while (using your book and earlier tapes and podcast, the model and other tools) I find I changed quite a bit. I don’t feel ashamed anymore about my weight. I can openly address my eating issues with people I chose to talk with about it etc. And I can easily eat according to my wishes for a time. But then – it is like another part of myself kicks in that simply doesn’t want to change or so it feels. It’s not that I “cannot resist a temptation” then or so, it is like I decide in that moment to overeat – and there is no inner space to talk me out of it. I know that sounds so passive and like I do not want to take responsibility. But I really do want to. But I somehow decide against it again and again. I work hard on not hating me despite of it. But simply allowing it to be that way is not a solution neither. How can I apply the model and change that pattern despite all of that?
Thanks so much and greetings from Germany,