Change with mixed emotions

So ill be moving from California to Arizona in August with my boyfriend.

We’ve been working really hard together this first quarter to get all the things completed for us to be able to go.

Ive been so excited for this to become a reality even when i didnt know it would happen.

Now its coming close to us getting ready to go.

Ill be quitting my job in June so that I have july to spend lots of time with family and explore a bit before trying to get settled in our new state august.

It was never i place i ever wanted to live in but it didnt matter to me because i was happy to be with my boyfriend in our place and finally have more freedom to build my business and create a life by my design.

Ive been so excited until the past few days.

Ive been getting ready for my exit at work and from the apartment i share with my mom and little sis.

Its all becoming real now and im getting really sad.

Ill be leavng my job of 4 years that ive had a love/hate relationship with, now ill be leaving with a newfound joy with it and the people there.

I also feel like im abondoning my family. Which is so weird cause we dont spend that much time together unless theres a holiday or something.

And now i fear im going to feel so alone in a new state. Which is also weird because the thing that got me super excited was the fact that i can have more alone time and my own space !!

What the f.

Im still very excited and want to do it but didnt think id be getting so sad and scared.

I used to travel a lot and was in different states for long periods of time. But this feels different. Much more real.

I know everything will be fine. I just think the idea of creating a life that i want is now completely open for me – that kinda freaks me out.

I know you moved from california to dallas so id love to know if you felt this sadness at all?