Change- Wondering if this is normal?

Hi Coaches!
I have been in Scholars for 4 months and I can’t believe the changes I (my husband too) have seen in myself. Anyway, my in-laws came to visit last weekend and it was a great visit. After they left, my mother-in-law called my sister-in-law (who then called me worried) and said she was “concerned” about me because I do not seem happy. I was so thrown off and initially really concerned about her speculation. Of course I’m happy! I have a great husband, two amazing kiddos, two dogs, two cats..okay I live in a zoo but I love it! As I started to ponder on what she said, I think it stems down to being that I act differently.. in a good way but I think change (good or bad) can raise a red flag? So these are my thoughts as to why she might think that I’m not happy:
With Scholars help, my anxiety has gone down tremendously. I don’t have a giddy nervous energy anymore so I don’t come across giggly and overbearingly bubbly. I’ve REALLY learned how to honor myself and not please people 24/7. I also don’t drink nearly as much as I used to (once again, thank you Brooke!), so instead of staying up with everyone having a few glasses of wine, I grabbed my book and went to bed early.
SO I guess my question is, do you think my mother-in-laws reaction is relatively normal? Is this a somewhat common thing when people change? I guess I can see why she could have those thoughts but I hate that she questioned my happiness. ( I know, I know, I shouldn’t worry what she thinks because I KNOW I am very happy).
Just curious and looking for some reassurance that this can be normal.
Thank you!