Changes not working (continued)

What if it was possible, you could skip your snack AND not overeat at dinner when you step back into your control? What would that look like for you?

I’m having issues answering this – because I wouldn’t define myself as ‘overeating.’ When I skip my snack, I end up eating more at dinner due to being physically hungry. For me, overeating means you eat past fullness. I am not eating past fullness, just need more food to feel that light ‘fullness’ level when I skip my snack.

This then hinders my WL goals, as I am eating the same amount- and not reducing the amount that I eat.

Seems like every change I make is pointless, because there is always a clap back. Like me skipping my snack, then eating more at dinner to feel comfortably full and not starving. Or, when I swap out some carbs for veggies- I’m getting hungrier and end up eating double which equates to the same amount.

I just feel so stuck.