Changing A Past Without Any blame

Hi! These Q&As are awesome. Those of you answering are anonymous angels. Helpful to read through to learn. Thank you!

As I go through the change your past daily worksheets I see many examples where parents are to blame or partners or kids, etc. I think I’ve worked through much of that. My current struggles are self directed. I wish I would’ve trusted who I was more and didn’t try to fit in by joining the binge drinking. I wish I would’ve understood this model….maybe I wouldn’t have left wonderful men in my past because of the way I felt with them (not respected for who I am). I wish I would have balanced my life more and not always focused so much on career, etc. I wish I had a family of my own. Can you give some examples of the model when wanting to change how I’ve acted and who I’ve been in the past? Thank you!