Changing a thought from the past

I need help coming up with a better thought to replace a belief that I’ve had for a long time: that I deserve less than other people because of the way I am – nice and sweet.
I got that belief from what my dad has said to me when I was a kid: that I deserved someone that abused me because I am too nice, and my cousin – that was supposedly the opposite – would deserve more good things, such as an amazing husband, than I do. As if I was condemned of a crime of being sweet and nice. As I’ve been doing the emotional work so I sense I got to the root cause of my scarcity feelings and actions of deserving less than other people. When I get more than other people in life I feel guilty as if something was wrong and I fear that life will take that away from me because I don’t deserve it. I don’t know how to get out of this or change it.