Changing Circumstances

My goal is to stop buffering with wine and sleep. In working on my compelling reason, I realized I have been waiting for a change in circumstances to give me the new thoughts that would ultimately result in changed actions. Crazy, right? I’m still working to define my compelling reason, but I realized that I have been procrastinating.

Existing Model:
C: Same ‘ole, same ‘ole
T: When C’s change it will be easy to change my thinking/feeling/actions/results
F: Complacent / Procrastinating
A: Do nothing
R: Nothing changes

New Model:
C: Same ‘ole, same ‘ole
T: I can make changes
F: Motivated and committed
A: Creating and following through on plans (Massive Action)
R: Change

I’m still working on the T line of my new model
Does this make sense? I’ve never thought of it this way.