We just got a new Sr. VP in my department at work. Shortly after, a Project Manager was let go, and suddenly several of his projects have now become mine. I have been walking on eggshells and working overtime to keep up with the extra workload and to also not become another casualty. I started March’s homework with the goal of becoming a respected and proficient Project Manager—a big stretch considering my title is Assistant Project Manager and I don’t have the experience that the previous guy had.
However, I have several other big goals that are near and dear to my heart (i.e. weigh 130 lbs. and establish an online coaching business), whereas the former (Project Manager) is compelled out of fear of losing my job—which is a big deal, since my husband was just laid off this past week unexpectedly.
Should I stick with the “Become an awesome Project Manager” vision or could I/should I switch to a goal that I am more passionate about (weightloss/coaching business)? When I sat down to do today’s thought download, I didn’t want to think about my work as a project manager and felt like focusing on something that would bring greater personal satisfaction.