Changing from a place of acceptance

Not a question, but I had to share–I FINALLY understand the concept of changing from a place of acceptance. I have been working on my procrastination at work for WEEKS and I kept bouncing between thinking “I shouldn’t be procrastinating” and thinking that accepting my procrastination was giving myself permission to continue to procrastinate. Then I listened to episode 125 Acceptance vs Giving Up and something just clicked–I can believe that procrastinating was what exactly what needed to happen AND that I can do something different in the future. Getting to the place where I could hold those two truths at once with equal belief was a bit of an intellectual challenge but feels totally right. It reminds me of something Brooke said in an earlier episode about when you hold the competing thoughts that you want to eat the cupcake + that you don’t want to eat the cupcake because you don’t want to overeat, there emerges a third option. That was about an entirely different concept but it’s the same skill!

Another interesting observation–I kept trying to constrain to working on only my procrastination, but inadvertently kept running into ideas and thoughts about my health that I wanted to explore. I thought I “should” be only working on procrastination in an effort to constrain, but it was when I let myself reframe the story about my health that the acceptance concept clicked and I saw how it applied to my procrastination, too. My inner wisdom really does know what’s best! 🙂