Changing Goal for April???

Dear Brooke and lovely SCS Coaches
Hope this finds you well

I feel i am completely failing with April HW
I have set my goal as “launching my online blog on health coaching by the end of April”, and i have made a list of the tasks i need to do
Yet i did NOTHING on that. It feels completely overwhelming, especially that i have started my FB group over a year ago and after a couple of months i got completely demotivated and stopped posting anything at all

So my question is; can i change my goal at this point to “I will focus on doing SCS work and exploring the Entrepreneurship program in addition to mastering meal planning for my self and applying the steps in the “urge jar” podcast”
Can i do that?? or will it be running away from my initial goal?

I was also just listening to the latest podcast episode “the urge jar” and was wondering if i can use the same process with my other goals like working on my business?