Changing Goals vs. Sticking with It

Hi Coaches!

I have been in a new position at work for the past year. When I took it, I said in my mind that I would stay with the company until the summer 2021. Since then, I have started to want to adjust that timeline and resign sooner. A lot of my new decision rests, however, on feeling awful at work, which I know rests on a lot of thoughts that are not serving me. For example, I blame the organization for not being thoughtful about the position that I was hired for. There seems to be a lot of overlap in roles and I find myself constantly have work “undone” by other departments. In addition, I’m not asked to attend meetings I feel like I should be a part of. As a result, I’m unable to contribute as fully as I would like because I lack information and authority. Finally, I have a thought about not performing well, that I was hired for a role that does not capitalize on my natural strengths so I’m constantly feeling like I’m swimming upstream.

Of course, these are all thoughts and I’ve done models around them. But at what point can I just tell myself it’s not worth it and I can find another role/organization where I don’t have as many negative thoughts triggered? The same analogy could be applied to marriage. Yes, we can marry anyone (like we can be in any job), but at what point it is a more useful choice to find a person/position where it comes more naturally?