Changing Habitual Patterns

Hi there,

For my impossible goal for 2020, I would like to gain more ownership and control over my obsessive compulsive thoughts and behaviors. This might seem silly and small to some people, but when these patterns literally control how you show up in the world, it would be a huge accomplishment to be able to allow the thoughts and feelings but minimize the impact they have on the way I function.

I don’t want to try to focus on every way that OCD shows up, because that feels too overwhelming. Could you provide examples of how that big goal could be broken down?

For instance, from Jan – March, could the steps be….
1.) To fill up the urge jar with 100 unanswered OCD urges
2.) To “prepave” or script how I will handle a specific OCD urge each day – for example, what thought am I going to replace that urge with

I also would like to lose weight in 2020. More than I ever have lost – 60 pounds. Is there a way to combine these two big impossible goals? Or can one be a subcategory of the other?

The accomplishment of either or both would really open up my world, I know. I am excited and look forward to your response!