Changing my beliefs

Hi! I have identified 4 beliefs that I want to let go/change:
– My weight defines my worth;
– My weight defines my capacity to attract a partner;
– Finding a partner defines my worth;
– People will think that I have a problem or that I’m not worth it because I’m single.

If I look at the models, these thoughts mostly create anxiety and sadness, and so I take the action of buffering with men, alcohol and exercising. The result is that I’m still single and that I create unnecessary suffering in my life.

I realize that I’ve been trying so hard to change these thoughts but they are there. So I’ve realized that maybe I should just accept them? Maybe I should not work so hard on changing the thought but on feeling the emotion ? Yet, I really don’t want to believe this thought and I want to choose to believe something else. Can you please advise?