changing my mind often

I have observed a habit that I will go all in on a project X (may it be a relationship, a company or learning a new skill), only to give it up and then a few days later I want to continue.

I have had issues with mood swings all my life and I’ve come to understand that my overactive ADD mind provides my upper self many thoughts and visuals to pick from, unfortunately I tend to ruminate on the thoughts that will lead me to self-isolation, overeating, self-loathing, not-getting-out-of-bed, etc.

I know that my thoughts create my feelings.

I know that I am the one to choose what thoughts to believe.

I know my history does not determine my future.

The thought “I’ve seen a pattern of me opting in and out according to my mood swings” is something I choose to believe.

I can believe “I know that I will want to opt out, but that is fine, that is just my primal brain trying to help me.”

My mood swings are also tied with my physical well-being (If I’ve rested enough, done adequate exercise, exposed myself to the sun) and I have lost my self-loving routines over and over.

I am allowing myself to feel bad when that is the case.
or maybe I don’t because I’m asking this question 🙂

I want to generalize this question to “I start something, then I lose interest”.
This is not a problem, except that starting and breaking of projects costs energy and provides little value.