Changing my mind

I know we can create thoughts based on what we want to believe. So, I made a decision on purpose.

Then, I changed my mind and I am making another decision on purpose. I feel good about it.
Both decisions are doable, it is just a matter of choice.

But, a little voice in my head comes up and tells me that I can change my decision again and end up not making a decision. So, it is hard to commit to one or another as I have good reasons for both… it is a matter of choice.

But every time, I try to convince myself with that decision, writing down all the good reasons… something happens that makes me doubt and tell the other one is better (which can be true also!).

So, how to decide? Just pick one? lol

One of them involves emotional suffering. I can choose to handle it but as I am under depression (that I manage now), my psychologist tells me that there is a risk that I fall in depression again. Both choices are good for me in term of jobs, it is just a question of perspective.

Any advice?