Changing my money beliefs

This month I decided to tackle money, and watched the money course videos. I did several unintentional models, with MONEY as the C:
model 1: T: Money is not important
F: Indifference
A: Not paying attention to where it goes
R: Having less money at the end of the month without knowing where it went
2: T: I cannot manage money
F: Guilt
A: Buffering with overspending
R: I didn’t manage my money

I am thinking about creating other models I could truly believe that would change my beliefs about money, still with money as the C:
1- T: I wonder how I can change my money mindset
F: Curiosity
A: Doing the work from the money course (keeping a spending journal with the questions)
R: I’m changing my money mindset.
2- T: I’m learning to believe I deserve money
F: Able
A: work on my money mindset
R: Learning to believe I deserve money
What do you think about this models? Can you suggest other bridge thoughts I could work on?
Thanks in advance, Michèle.
PS: I joined SCS for the weight loss program in July -after having bingelistened to your podcasts- and so far I’ve lost almost 50 pounds. I’m still gradually losing and I understood so much about myself and my thinking. I wanted to thank you for being part of my selfcare regimen!