Changing my thoughts around working for someone else/having a boss

Should I be changing how I think about having a boss? Every role I’ve had, I’ve had to report to someone, like a boss/manager. I have high expectations of myself and the work I do, so naturally, I have the same expectation of whoever my boss is, especially since I believe I should be seeing them as my leader. I know this is my manual here…
Where I struggle is that I find myself disagreeing with the way my manager handles or approaches things and then I find myself losing professional respect for them. I know I am an A-Type and like to get things done in whatever way I believe is the most effective/efficient, I know I’m stubborn that way. So I’ve created this belief system that I really dislike having a boss and just want to be my own boss. And this belief has spilled over into another area – I only want to work with competent people and people who have high standards of themselves to do good work.
By thinking this way, am I preventing future growth for myself? Should I just be thinking everyone is “good at their job” since I know I’ll always have to work with other people in some capacity? Not sure if I’m taking this whole work thing too seriously either..