Changing my thoughts on an old story

Hello! I had a best friend (Amy) throughout middle and high school. When we were around 19, she got with a man and later married him. I had a big crush on him at that time. She never spoke to me again. She walked away, married him and acted like she didn’t know me. I was crushed and looking back, I realize I never processed the emotions. When I found out he had several affairs on her, I was shocked and told someone. That someone told her what I said. Amy confronted me via email and was angry that I had talked about her marriage. I apologized to her. She is a teacher at my daughter’s school and when I see her, I feel very insecure and awkward. I know some of my thoughts are: “she abandoned me”, “she thinks she is better than me because she married so and so”, “she has the audacity to be mad at me for talking about her marriage when she crapped on me? Please!” And “she has such a great life”.

I need help working through this and changing my thoughts on her and this situation. I even still have unresolved feelings for that man. I have an amazing husband and really know that I am blessed for marrying him. I don’t know why I can’t shake the feeling for him.

Thank you!!