Changing my view of procrastination

I tend to view the act of procrastinating in a negative way. That is what the old me would do. In my old story I identified myself as a procrastinator but in my new story I don’t anymore. I may engage in the act of procrastination, but I am not a procrastinator.

I was talking with a friend of mine and he was saying that he was excited to begin procrastinating so he would only have a limited time to accomplish something and would have to get it down and turn it in no matter what. B- work. He views procrastination as a positive thing.

In homeschool my homework was due at 11:59 pm on a Sunday night and I would start writing my essay at 10:00 pm. I was always praised for my excellent work I put in and got the grades I needed to pass. That was exactly what I wanted and it was good enough for me.

What I was thinking as my new thought was:
I achieved such amazing results slacking off and barely scrapping by. How much more I can accomplish if I use that same drive from the very beginning of a project!

But I am also thinking of the B- concept. I knew my work when done last minute was good enough and realized that my good enough is considered exceptional by others, which is a great feeling.

I am realizing that maybe my procrastinating is a good thing, it actually creates results. But at the same time I don’t want to procrastinate anymore. Can you help me find some new ways to think about doing B- work with the same drive I would have when I procrastinated, but view it in a way that serves me? Thank you!