Changing My Website

Hi All, my purpose is to create something only I can create, without comparison to others, and to have fun while doing it. Part of living within my purpose is changing the website I have now into one that is completed devoted to the seaside town I write about for a print newspaper. I, naturally, am having a lot of thoughts about it! Can you help me with my models please?
C: transitioning website totally devoted to seaside town
T: I can’t compete with my worthy, better-known competitors
F: pointless (as in what’s the point in trying?)
A: give into doubt and fear of failure, put off starting, buffer instead with movies and chocolate
R: I fail to successfully compete by not even trying
C: transitioning website totally devoted to seaside town
T: I can have a lot of fun creating a brand new site
F: excited
A: take it one step at a time, managing my mind along the way, brainstorm creative ideas, check out the competition for inspiration and make a gradual shift, all while enjoying the creative process
R: I prove to myself what I can create through excitement not fear and doubt
I, of course, love my IM so much better but my thought in the UM about my worthy competition is making procrastination and buffering so much easier! Any guidance or bridge thoughts you can offer me?
Thanks so much!