Changing my protocol-including veggies and fruit…if it ain’t broke?

About 4 weeks ago I went cold turkey no sugar/no flour. I didn’t create a protocol, I just cut out anything that had sugar to include veggies and fruit. It is more like the Atkins diet…lots of meat and cheeses. More beef than chicken or turkey.

Two weeks ago I started IF. I’ve lost a total of 6 pounds during this entire time and have no cravings for sugar or flour. I am no longer hungry all the time and have loved the “dining in” approach whenever I feel a wave of hunger.

Although I’d like to lose more weight each week, it seems to be working fine. I love the way my body feels and the way my clothes fit. The shape of my face has changed. Even though I haven’t been weighing or measuring my food, I’ve been eating less and feeling great. So it seems so far so good.

However, I’ve got several concerns about continuing on this way:
1. I’m concerned about not getting the nutrients I need from veggies and fruit that have a lot of natural sugar.
2. I am almost 50, have 100 lbs to lose, am on heart medicine, and my cholesterol was already high before I started this program. So I’m sure the turkey and chicken are better for me than beef. But my understanding was that beef worked better for fat burning which would get the weight off faster which would in turn be better for my heart and cholesterol.

My main concern is that changing my protocol at this point and adding fruits, veggies, and replacing beef with chicken and turkey will stop the momentum which will lead to white knuckling and discouragement. I feel that I’ve been fortunate so far to not have to white knuckle but a few times. It really hasn’t been much of a struggle. I’ve been leaning toward the “if it ain’t broke” approach. However in typing this, I’m thinking I should do some thought downloads about the fear of white knuckling and discouragement and consider obstacles since I have thankfully not had many so far.
I’d appreciate your thoughts on this and the best way for me to move forward.

P.S I am learning SO much and and LOVING SCS!!! Thank you!!!!!!