Changing Relationship (With Writing)

Thank you, Brooke, for your reply. This is a follow-up for my question titled ‘Changing Relationships (Not with Humans).’

When I think of my relationship with writing, I know that it is made up from my thoughts about it.
And my thoughts about it are for me to choose.
If I want to have a great relationship with my writing, I should have great thoughts about it.
Writing is just is. It has no character and it will never be any different than it is unless I think of it in a way that serves me.

And so in my realization of the need I have to love writing I know two things to be true:
Firstly, I get to earn the title of calling myself a writer only through the act of writing. It is a title I earn every time I sit to write and it fades just a little bit each time I choose not to write.
Secondly, I realize that I love who I am when I write. And so each time I did put the time to write, I loved who I was at those hours. I loved that I took the time and researched or developed an idea. Most people don’t spend hours doing this. But I get to do that. And I love having done it.

Do these seem like a good place to start?