Changing Relationships (Not with Humans)

Having such a stressful relationship around writing, it dawned on me this past weekend that if truly this is how I want to make a living, I must change my relationship with it.
Treating it like it was another human being that I worked on changing my thoughts about since May, if I keep thinking of how dreadful, stressful, and doubtful each writing session is, of course my brain would freak out. He would say, ‘We don’t want to hang out with Mrs. Writing…’

I was thinking of other professions and I don’t think painters dread painting, golfers dread golfing, or speakers dread speaking. Why would they choose to paint, golf, or speak then?

Anyway, back to Writing, this relationship doesn’t work clearly because the thoughts I have of Writing don’t serve me, they harm me by freezing me from, well, writing.
Still I I don’t want out of this relationship. I want to work it out.
I just want to figure out if I could somehow use the relationship tools (with humans) to change my relationship with my writing.
What do you think, Brooke?