Changing the C

Hi coaches, a question on changing the circumstance to feel better.

Here’s what’s going on for me: I have a VA who is making lots of errors and I want to fire her. I have given her coaching, feedback, advice, and a final warning. I feel frustrated and I totally get that it’s because of my thoughts about it. (this is taking up too much of my time, she’s making public mistakes, she did it again…)

I will feel better with a VA who doesn’t make as many mistakes and I get that it’s because of my thoughts. I’ll be thinking positive thoughts about her work. (i’m so thankful to have someone helpful, she’s great)

I’ve heard on many coaching calls that we shouldn’t change the C until we feel neutral and to not expect it to change how we feel. But I really think that it will here. How can I think equally positive thoughts about a VA who is making lots of errors vs. one who isn’t?