Changing the C

Some of your comments from the live coaching call on 4/5 still have me reeling. Do I understand you correctly in that we don’t even TRY to change the C line? Could that be right? I want to lose weight but I’m not supposed to focus on the C (my current weight) but rather my thoughts around the C? And that brings the C to change on its own? It seems so simple. And yet a glorious new ephiphany.

A side note for Scholars newbies: I’ve been doing this work for months and months. I do daily thought downloads and models and as much of the monthly work as I can. I’ve been changing and evolving and enjoying my progress within Scholars. It’s not easy but it’s insightful and free-ing. Making such a “discovery” about the C line this far into the work is simply proof that A) there’s always more work to do and B) don’t quit just because you are confused or don’t understand. We learn and grow and push forward together. Don’t feel badly if you feel everyone but you is making progress. Each of our journeys look different and each is traveled at varying speeds.

Thank you, Brooke, for changing my life. Even though I joined specifically for weight loss and even though I haven’t really lost any, I have made tremendous self discoveries and am in such a better spot that I used to be. I take comfort in one of your comments from the advanced weight loss call on protocol: “If you can’t stay on your protocol for 2 weeks, you’ve got bigger issues.” I literally laughed out loud. Because that’s me! I’m coming up on my anniversary date and I think I have YET to stay on protocol for 2 weeks because, yes, it’s true – I have so many bigger mental issues than weight loss. But I’m finally in a spot to see that. And to recognize and appreciate the progress that I HAVE made, even if it’s not toward my ultimate (impossible) goal of losing weight. There have been so many times on this journey that I doubted and berated myself because the scale’s not moving. I’ve been quick to compare and pass judgement. But here’s my favorite part of all: I haven’t quit. I just keep writing and thinking and listening and reading and DOING the work – from one failure to the next. Thank you for the guidance and resources to make that happen.