Changing the circumstance

Hi, I’m still reading Self Coaching 101 and your example on pages 45-46 regarding the lottery and saying you won cause feelings of elation and excitement based on your thinking.

So it got me thinking,

If this were true, and the circumstance was you actually won the lottery,
It creates certain actions and results – meaning you can then buy things, and do things you might not normally be able to had you not won the lottery, so you are creating different results because of the circumstance. You can’t buy the million dollar home without the million dollars.

Another example is if your boyfriend doesn’t want to get married and you do.
The result is having a boyfriend and no marriage,
But if you change your circumstance, to find a boyfriend who does want marriage, you are changing the action and result, meaning getting married if this is something you really want for yourself.

I know you say don’t look to change your circumstances, but isn’t that really sometimes what it boils down to?
Sometimes that is what is needed to get what you want in life.

Thank you