Changing thoughts….

Hi Brooke
I am strugglingg with when to change thoughts if i really want to belive them. Here is my model:
C- my house
T – i hate my house, its ugly and non functional
F- disgust
A- feel bad, notice evrything wrong with it,
Look online dor new houses i cant afford, complain
R – feel bad, look online for houses i cant afford, feel jelous of others peoples houses

When i try to do an intentional model i can bring up feelings of gratitude that i have a house and my result is i feel better.
C – same
T- im grateful to own a house
F – gratitude
A- apreeciate what i have, stop complaining
R- feel better about the house

But the result i want is not to LIKE my cureent house, and feel better, it is to figure out how to comfortably afford to to move into a newer, larger house. I dont know how to use the model to create that result.

Am i way off here or can you help??