Changing thoughts around annoyances

Can you help me run a model around annoyances? My husband taps his foot during dinner and does this weird thing with his mouth that completely annoys me. (I realize the pettiness and jerkiness in this questions, but it’s obviously bigger than just being annoyed by my husband.) I have two questions:

1. When you run a model, is the idea to run one as I think now and then run one as I want it to look like? Should there be a “before and after?” or a “negative and positive” model? I have watched many videos and listened to many podcasts on the model but don’t really know what to DO with the model once I have done one. Do I just re-do it and change my T line?

2. When running a model where the T line is “his foot tapping annoys me” the only thing I can see changing that to is “his foot tapping does not annoy me and he does not annoy me” which is so far-fetched for me. I can’t block the damn tapping out!