Changing thoughts vs changing circumstance

I am decorating my new house. I get into decision paralysis when I am trying to choose a furniture. For example I spent a lot of time browsing obsessively to find the best match for a console table. After days of research I ended up buying one. I was sure it was going to work.

After a week, the furniture arrived at my door. The moment I opened the package I instantly did not like it. I still went ahead to set it up, and tried it for a week. But I did not like it. It noticed my thoughts – ” The color is too dark”, “This is not the style I want”. I finally decided to return it. I dismantled it and returned it.

Now I am back to square one of not trusting my decision making skill with respect to decor/furniture.
Few thoughts that I uncovered were –
1. You spent so much time choosing, but ended up returning. You wasted a lot of time.
2. You may still not like the furniture that you are buying, what’s the point of all the effort.
3. It is so much work to choose one. If I don’t like , it is lot of work to return one.

What should I do here? Should I really coach myself to like the furniture (saying it is just my thoughts) or change the circumstance (which I did in this case). Brooke says to have your back in all your decisions. How does that look like here?
What are some intentional thoughts that I can practice?

Thanks for all you do.

Below is my own coaching
Circumstances are
1. I am decorating my new house
2. I spent 5 hours and ordered a console table.
3. I returned the console table in 1 week.
Rest are all just thoughts.

My intentional thoughts
I made a decision and chose a furniture. That is moving forward.
Returning the furniture is another decision. I am good at making decisions.
Returning the furniture does not mean I should regret buying it. It is taking massive action until I find the one I want.
Choosing a furniture and returning it is easy if I manage my mind.
Thoughts like – “This furniture may work”, “This console table looks good” were not believable to me. And in this case I WANT a different style of table knowing that the old or the new table won’t make me feel any better or worse. So it makes sense to change my circumstance.
I will be future focussed. I will constrain and give myself a time limit to choose a furniture online. I will coach myself before the online shopping to describe the furniture that I am looking for.
I will “fail” faster.