Changing your thoughts

I’m having a challenge with changing a particular thought/belief I have (in order to get a different result in my life)…
– Doing daily thought downloads.
– Self coaching to gain awareness of my unintentional thoughts.
– Processing the feelings I feel when I think the unintentional thought.
– Identifying ladder thoughts that are believable to me as I work my way toward the new thought.
– Identifying the way I want to feel
– Getting clear on the results I want to have in my life
– Continuing to self coach on a daily basis to help affirm the new thought.
– Creating reminders/affirmations in my home to help affirm the new thought.

What other action steps can I take to truly rewire my brain into thinking the new thought and really believing it. What am I missing or is it just a matter of continuing to do what I’m doing until I actually do believe it?
Thank you!