Charging my mom in law

Hi coaches,

My mom-in-law recently came to me and asked me if she could be coached by me for my services that I offer. I am having mind drama about this. I love my mom-in-law dearly, and we are extremely close. I know she has been struggling with her weight and know why. I know I can help her. She is honestly my ideal client, and I have worked with others exactly like her that have seen amazing results. I have no doubt she will see results. Where the mind drama is coming in is whether or not I should charge her.

She and my father-in-law do a lot for me, they paid for my wedding, paid for a lot of stuff and I just feel like I can’t charge her, it’s not right.

But at the same time, in the past, I have seen when people don’t pay for coaching – they don’t take it seriously and don’t show up for themselves because it feels like less of a commitment. My mom-in-law is a housewife and she would be paying for the coaching with my father-in-law’s money. I know he doesn’t believe in coaching and will shout at her about spending the money and I feel greedy because the truth is I would coach my mom-in-law for free because she is basically a mother to me. She wants to pay me, and doesn’t want it to be free. But she also doesn’t know my pricing and I just feel in two minds about charging her!

Here are some models I drew up:

C: Mom-in-law wants to join coaching
T: She is family & does so much for me, I can’t charge her. But I know she won’t be committed if I don’t charge her
F: Confusion
A: Avoid her
Don’t offer her a spot
Question myself
feel like I’m greedy
R: Postpone her joining coaching

C: Mom-in-law wants to join coaching
T: I know my father-in-law will think that this is rubbish and that I shouldn’t be charging her
F: Guilt
A: Don’t want to charge her
Think about all the things that they do for me
Think about how they paid for my wedding
Think about how they always show up for me
Think about how I wouldn’t mind not charging her, but know that if she is to see results I need her to be serious about it and that often means putting money down
R: I don’t charge her and don’t prioritize her as a client

Please help coach me on this