Cheating – the line between choosing love and accepting their actions

My boyfriend semi-cheated and I’m still processing what I want to do in this situation. I feel like if I take ownership and decide what I want to feel, I’ll just look it over and say it was a small thing and that it doesn’t need to be this dramatic because I want things to stay the same. On the other hand, I’m not sure if that’s being realistic and maybe I need to let myself see him in a different way (he’s not someone I can trust as much and I probably shouldn’t be this emotionally invested in him). I’m uncertain of how much to curate my thoughts and feelings or whether I need to take a hard look at the circumstance. I also tried listening to your other podcasts and you said it’s best to come from a place of love, no matter what the person did, because you can’t control them and ultimately, what happened was meant to happen. But how do you come from a place of love and not end up just forgiving everything? And most importantly, how do you behave around someone in the aftermath? Thank you.