Checkin’ in again

Hi Brooke
Just checking in to say I am now giving myself the request to slow down in terms of posting here, which is a great thing, because I feel grounded and settled in my next approach- I am ready to get out of processing mode and into living mode. I have plenty to do with all the classes and the HW and with living. Thanks so much for the tons of support you gave me over the past few months via Ask Brooke and I am looking forward to MasterClass

I’m “going neutral, dropping almost all expectations, being super kind and easy with myself, allowing things to be as they are”, focusing on a) thought management b) letting go 50 more pounds, no f/s, no snacks, 2 or 3 meals a day (being flexible) c) working out d) giving my best with others, with my work and in my home. I am percolating on what I want for the next best version of myself

I am so excited about it and I have my practices laid out for me.