Checking a model to clarify C vs. T

Here is a model I created and I would love clarification on whether the T I chose might actually be a C.

C. I would like to create workshops at my current job to build a program on self-development.
T. I’m not taking steps forward to understand where the whitespace is and where I can fill the gaps.
F. Impatient (with myself)
– I am thinking a lot of creative thoughts, daydreaming, fantasizing about how these workshops will look.
– I am developing a lot of great ideas
– I’m not taking practical steps to start developing workshops
– I am not getting practical experience developing workshops
– I think about how I just want this to happen and I don’t want to do what I need to do to get to the end point. I want it to just happen.
– I’m worried I’m going to give up before taking the next step.
R. I am preventing myself from taking steps forward to develop workshops.

To explain why I put the “I’m not taking steps forward . . . ” in the T line and not the C, it’s because in fact, I AM taking steps, and those steps — the envisioning the end point, the daydreaming, etc., are actually creating excitement. But the T above — when I’m being critical about what I SHOULD be doing — is leading to that impatience with myself.

Should the T above actually be a C?

Feedback much appreciated!