Checking in with if my models are looking correct to you

I’m writing to make sure I’m working the model correctly. How do my unintentional and intentional models look to you? Thank you!

Unintentional Model:
C: I told my family members that I’m going to become a Coach.
T: They don’t believe a Life Coach is a real job.
F: Disrespected
A: I feel like I might not be able to become a coach. I’m scared to fail and try again and fail and try again in front of them. I’m scared they’ll think I’m not good enough to create myself in this profession. I’m scared they think I can’t do it.
R: I keep believing I might not be successful as a coach.

Intentional Model:
C: I told my family that I am going to become a Life Coach.
T: Of course I will be successful at being a Life Coach – I am a natural coach.
F: Proud
A: I feel proud of myself and I generate Life Force Energy moving forward from this place of pride and self-confidence. I feel excited that I am forging a path for myself that feels very natural to me. I can see that, obviously my family might not see becoming a Life Coach as a successful career because they’re not looking at it through my lens – only I can do that.
R: I keep moving forward in my practice to find evidence that I’m a natural coach.