Checking Models

My father fell and broke his leg and became within one week utterly incapable of handling himself. He needs help with basic needs and is being on top of that angry and bullying my mother, the only person there to help him.
She calls me few times a day and shares with me her frustration and I am trying to figure out what to do with the emotions I have as a result.
I don’t want to go Byron-Katie on the situation and think ‘this is wonderful’ ‘this is just perfect just as it is’ because it is not believable to me.

Here are my current models:

C parents relationship with each other
T why does my father has to be so difficult?
F frustrated, upset
A overeat
R gain weight, added stress

C parents relationship with each other
T it’s their problems
F disconnected
A ignoring my mom’s messages
R increased stress

Working backwards on an ideal model, I came up with this:

(desired) R mom feels calmer and more relaxed
A bring an aid to help in the house chores
F loving, generous
T I will offer to finance an aid
C parents relationship

Not sure I am doing it right…