Checking views

Recently I created a personal website and started posting articles on it. I also started posting more on IG and FB. I’m usually not a social media person or even the kind of person who puts stuff out in the world in this way. I’m loving it though and now I like to call myself that kind of person. However, I’ve been noticing lately that I’ll check my views very often for each of those things to see if people are checking out my stuff or not. I did a TDL on it today and realized I want proof that people want what I’m putting out there. I’m feeling an overdesire to see that people read my article for example and I’ve been giving into that. The fact that I’m feeling overdesire in this area is very new to me but it doesn’t surprise me because, hello, I have a brain. I’m starting to allow the urges and decide ahead of time when to check my views for informational purposes, kind of like when I weigh myself. And just like when I weigh myself, I’ll choose to think that the number is neutral and is just data for planning or informational purposes.

Doing this work this morning has shown me how much I’ve learn in SCS (VIP member) and I’m so thankful for even having the opportunity to learn this stuff. It motivates me to keep going in my own line of work because I want to give people the opportunity to learn from me like Brooke did.